Pioneer Group Scale-Up Programme

Fully Funded 7-Month Programme

Through a combination of peer support, events and focused workshops, the Scale-up Programme helps to highlight
and overcome challenges in achieving rapid business growth.

Revolutionising industry, pioneering medical technologies and transforming healthcare takes more than just a great idea and a can-do attitude.

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#1 Culture, Talent and High Performing Teams

How to create the right culture, attract high performing talent, remunerate and incentivize teams and align people with business goals.

#2 Customer-Centric

How well do you know your customer? What are their problems? Why do they or don’t they buy from you? What value do you bring? How good is your product-market fit?

#3 Finance and Funding Growth

Which sources of growth finance are best for you, and what are the risks and pitfalls of external finance versus organic growth? How do you build a capital raise strategy?

#4 Business Model and Pricing

How to tie in customers, improve cash and profitability, and lockout competitors.

#5 Scaling Strategy

How to expand into new international markets, launch new products, and buy/integrate other companies.

#6 Leadership

How to identify and shape your leadership style and how to grow your leadership team.